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« on: July 24, 2020, 09:09:22 PM »
Character Name: Caelthor

Level: 115

Class: Cleric

AA Count: 36,745

Magelo or Raidloot Inventory Profile (required):

All alternate characters played and their guild tags:

Bohndan, 110 Necro, Not guilded.
Pyras, 101 Beastlord, Not guilded.

How long have you been playing the class on which you are applying, and what kind of raiding experience do you have on it?: Caelthor was Born December, 2001. I've been a raiding cleric since Omens of War was released. Im flagged for everything after Underfoot.

Prior guild history, reasons for leaving, and roles fulfilled in those guilds: Originally from Tallon Zek (a now merged pvp teams server), then in 2005 I transferred with my guild at the time from pvp to Povar, the guild was Skulls. After skulls fizzled out, I went to a guild called Firestormers. We were winning EQ pretty good (lol) till two years ago when the server i was on had a very light population. When I returned this year, I decided it was time for a server xfer (here i am!)

What do you anticipate your raid attendance percentage to be? around 90 % per 30 days.  Are you unable to make any scheduled raid days?: No, can attend all scheduled raids with no issue.

Why do you want to join Valhallah?: in my time on EQ, a good respected guild with an honorable reputation is not that easy to come by.

Do you know any members of Valhallah well? If so, who?: Been talking with Playful. but no, i don't know anyone intimately.

Are you able to listen to, see, and withstand occasional profanity and/or crude humor and/or mature environments?: yaaassssssss!

Are you willing to download and listen to Discord for raid instructions? (Talking is not a requirement): Got it.

Are you familiar with GINA? If not, are you willing to download and use GINA for tracking raid triggers?: Use it all ready.

If you are a Druid, Shaman, or Paladin, do you have your Staff of Forbidden Rites?: im a Cleric.

Anything else that you feel we should know before considering you for membership:20 years as a raiding cleric and im still hungry for loot and to heal those hard raids that challenge, to excede the limits of this game for healing classes.


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Nice to see a friend of Playful app.
a friend of playful is always welcome!


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Make sure you get with her on your rotation before you apply.
That's what friends are for right?


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If you're still interested in this application, can you please hit me up on Discord via Aldryn#2680? I'd like to go over a couple of things with you before we full send on the invite,

Many thanks!