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Guild Information and Class Need (READ FIRST!) - Updated 04/12/19
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Valhallah is a current-content raiding guild on the Firiona Vie server. The guild was created in late 2013 and has since finished with a "top 10" ranking for every expansion since the release of Empires of Kunark in 2016. Most notably, this includes our third-place finish in EverQuest's most recent expansion, The Burning Lands! Through conquering Mearatas, the expansion's incredibly trying and highly contested end-game encounter, we are extremely proud to have our name placed aside some of the most storied and successful raiding guilds in EverQuest's history!

In short, Valhallah is home to some of the best players on the Firiona Vie server, and if you'd like to experience EverQuest and all it has to offer while being part of a team that is focused, efficient, dedicated, and driven, please continue reading below! If we sound like something you'd be interested in, the following information will tell you about the guild and how to contact a member of leadership to complete your application!
Best of luck, and we look forward to seeing you in Norrath!

General Information
  • Raiding Schedule. Valhallah is currently in farm mode for The Burning Lands expansion. This schedule includes Mondays from 7:50PM - 11:00PM Eastern, and sometimes includes Tuesdays (at the same time) should they be necessary to complete our farm.
  • Raiding Is Not Optional. If you are online and at your keyboard we expect you to make the effort to raid, and we ask you to make the commitment to raid on as many days as you can comfortably fit into your schedule. The more reliable raiders we have, the more consistency we have from fully-flagged characters. If you have questions or concerns about your availability, please contact a member of leadership before submitting an application.
  • If there are any questions about the information you find in this thread, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any member of leadership via /tells, in-game mail, or forum PM:

    • Guild Co-Leader(s): Mallakhi, Zlauk
      Raid Leader(s): Gotcharms, Zlauk
      Attendance Admin: Huggiebare
      Loot Admin: Gotcharms
      General Leadership: Bleve, Colypso, Slivern

Loot Policy
  • Merit-Based Loot System. Loot is assigned to Valhallah raiders through a council that is governed by the entire leadership as a whole. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a system of "pick the favorites," and is actually regulated by a very well-kept and unique database that tracks the loot history of our members. While there are no set-in-stone requirements that determine when and how a piece of loot is assigned, the basic idea is that the more you show up and the more you "put out" on raids, the more you'll be rewarded.

Applicant Requirements and Recommendations

** If you do not or can not meet any one of the conditions listed below, please contact a member of leadership before filling out an application.
  • Level 110 (Hard Requirement): In order to attend a raid with Valhallah, you must be L110. While there is no formal AA count required, please be aware that we expect you to have more than the autogranted (bare minimum) value, and that we are looking for respectable progression on your amount of spent AAs throughout your entire application period.
  • Discord (Hard Requirement): While it is not a requirement to speak, it is a requirement to be on our Discord server and listening during raid time. The entire raid is ran solely through Discord, and although it's unfortunate, not being able to accommodate this requirement will result in the failure of your application.
  • Inventory Profile (Hard Requirement): Your application will not be accepted unless you have a valid, functioning link for a Raidloot Inventory Profile or Magelo Profile for the main, raiding character you're applying with. One of these is absolutely mandatory so that we can ensure our applicants are not wearing complete garbage before we throw raid gear at them! There is a walkthrough post available here if you have questions.
  • Have Thick Skin (Hard Requirement): Please be aware that Valhallah fosters a very unique, closed-door atmosphere that is intended for mature adults. Grab a pair of headphones and turn the screen away from children if you must, but getting a sandy vagina over hearing and seeing the phrase "sandy vagina" is a very tell-tale sign that you will not enjoy your time in Valhallah.
  • GINA (Recommendation): It's not a hard requirement, but it's incredibly beneficial to you as a raider to download the Gimagukk's Incantatory Notation Apparatus (GINA) in order to keep track of and satisfy the many different types of audio triggers and emotes that will occur during raid time. You may use another program or method if you wish, but the upkeep and maintenance will fall solely on your shoulders! Please note that failing to satisfy important emotes and audio triggers on raids because you use something other than GINA is not an acceptable excuse.

Valhallah Class Need

  • Updated April 12, 2019 - Recruitment is currently limited, but we are always considering applications from exceptional players of any class whom truly understand the game and the mechanics of their class!

The Application Process

  • It's simple! SHOW US PROGRESS. There are plenty of folks that are willing to help you push your limits, obtain more AAs, obtain more levels, work on group progression and other related missions, etc., etc. The more willing you are to implement and discuss the advice you're given, the quicker you progress through levels and AAs, and the more you show up to raids, the quicker we'll be to grant you the status of a full member. It's really as simple as that!

How To Apply

  • Create a Username. It will help tremendously if your username matches the name of your main, raiding character that you are applying with. If you are unaware of how to register or need help, please view the SMF Wiki on Registering a Username. If you're still having trouble afterward, contact any member of leadership.
  • Create Your Application. Copy and paste the Valhallah Application into a new thread which you will post in the "Recruitment" forum of the message board. Please title your thread "APPLICANT: Name". Please remember that applications will not be accepted without a valid Raidloot Inventory Profile or Magelo Profile, and that your application is our very first impression of you. In other words, make it count!
  • Pending Approval. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a member of leadership in the following days to discuss your invite to the guild. If there are any problems, it's possible they could be communicated on your application thread, so remember to check back every day just in case!
Thank you for reading, and best of luck!
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