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« on: July 03, 2020, 04:33:28 PM »
Hey all, My schedule changed and I can raid again!! I'll formally apply but just wanted guidance on what you'd be most interested in/want most before i set up a raidloot etc
In order of my favorites
1) SK 2.0 max aa (51848) The SK is by far my favorite toon, but understandably might not have a need/desire for one
2) Zerker Max AA
3) Monk (just recently leveled but grinding aa's, currently 18k but climbing fast)
4) Ranger (23k aa)

I am not a great puller on my monk fyi but totally into learning/playing him and enjoying him a lot.

I have many other toons that I can use to fill roles but wouldn't want to main.. but happy to raid on them as needed when needed (bard/shaman/cleric/ench/wiz etc)

Thanks so much missed you all!!