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HOW-TO: Raidloot Inventory Profile
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Why Raidloot Profiles?
  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with Magelo, but they made a few changes to the subscription system several years back and I still don't think very many people are aware of how things work. As I'm sure most people know, if you are a paid subscriber and have a Premium Magelo Membership, then you're perfectly set and good to go.

    However ...

    If you are NOT a paid subscriber and instead opt to try the free premium trial service, things get a little tricky. You can still use the Sync Tool to automatically update your gear, augments, and AAs, but this free trial profile will only be viewable to YOU when you are logged into YOUR Magelo account. Everyone else that is not logged in with your account will be told the profile is set to private and cannot be viewed. The profile will stay like this for the full 10 days that your account is under the free premium trial. After that trial has ended, the profile will become viewable by everyone once again, but you will no longer be able to update your character's gear and augments with the Sync Tool and will be required to make updates manually by hand.

    To combat all of the potential confusion, we like to promote Inventory Profiles. They're completely free, entirely automated, and in our opinion, much more user-friendly than Magelo, too! If your Magelo profile is not displaying for us or you can't get one created, we will ask you to create a Raidloot profile instead. The following steps will help you.

STEP #1: Create a Username
  • Click here to be brought to Raidloot's registration page. It will ask you to enter an email address and then ask you to enter a password of your choosing directly underneath. Your email address will be your username. After hitting the register button, you can login here with the email address and password that you picked.

STEP #2: Create Your Character's Inventory File
  • In EverQuest, type the command /output inventory. You should see a confirmation message that says "/outputfile complete" inside one of your chat boxes if you did everything correctly. This will create a text file in your EverQuest directory that will be named Character_server-Inventory.txt. If I were to do this on my Beastlord, Zlauk, for example, then my file would be named Zlauk_firiona-Inventory.txt (the ".txt" part may or may not display based on your computer's file extension settings).

STEP #3: Upload Your Inventory to Raidloot
  • While logged in to the Raidloot website, click on the link at the top named Profiles.
  • You're going to want to click on the browse button and then navigate to your character's EverQuest directory in order to find the inventory text file you created in step two. There are two methods listed below if you're not sure how to do that. Once you've located the file in this browsing window, click on open and the inventory will be created for you automatically.

    • To find your EverQuest directory, one method is to find your EverQuest icon on the desktop and right click it. When the menu displays, click on the option that says "Open File Location." This will open a window that takes you straight to your EverQuest directory, and you should be able to determine the path (e.g., C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest) the game is installed to from that pop-up window. Navigate to the same exact directory in Raidloot's file browsing window and find the file you created in the list.

    • If you're not feeling too confident in your technology skills, another option is to click on the file's link that is generated directly inside of the EverQuest client. Click here to see an example of what I'm talking about. Clicking on the actual file name in that chat window should then open the file in Notepad (or whatever your default text reader is). When Notepad opens, you can go to File, click Save As, and then save the file to your desktop for easier access. It's important that you don't change the file name -- keep it exactly as is and only change the location it's saved in! Then, simply navigate to your desktop in Raidloot's file browsing window and find the file there instead of the EverQuest directory.

STEP #4: Linking to the Profile
  • When the profile is created after clicking "Open" on the file browsing window in Step #3, you'll then simply copy the web address that appears in your internet browser (it'll look something like You can paste that address right into your application, and the members and leadership of Valhallah will be able to view your character's inventory at the click of a button!

If there are any problems with the process, please contact Zlauk for additional help.
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